3 Important Things in Developing WordPress Theme


WordPress theme developer is actually quite promising profession you can choose today. With the growing number of WordPress users, many of whom use it for business or to make money, they will require a good theme.The theme must be able to represent their company and even provide them with useful functions in running their business.Now, if you want to try this stuff, there are a few things that you need to do, so you can create a quality WordPress theme.

Good Design

3 Important Things in Developing Wordpress Theme


First, you can’t just create a WordPress theme from HTML. But, you need to design how your theme will look. Create a sketch of the theme and the frame of the whole theme. For example, you need to determine where you want to place sidebars, color type, font, header capability in adapting different content, and many more.


3 Important Things in Developing Wordpress Theme 3


Next, you need to do WordPress theme development from scratch. That means you can’t take another theme, modify it and perfect it, then claim it to be yours. You need to create it from scratch and use the design that you made previously as the base. And make sure you keep your originality. If you can, create something different from mainstream trends to make it more interesting.


Build It

3 Important Things in Developing Wordpress Theme 2


Now, you just need to build and sell it to other people who need it. Of course, if you want to succeed in this part, you need to know how to build a custom WordPress theme. Fortunately, there are many references and even classes that you can enter. They are all available on the internet, so you can join this online class, which makes everything easier.

Now, what you need to do after getting the skill and successfully making one is promote it. There are many portals you can use to do this. So, promote it, get a client, and sell it, then you will get money.



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