Landing Page

Landing Page

Having a conversion page on your website is critical piece of any digital marketing strategy. Sending web site visitors into a landing page (or squeeze page)can help convert passive traffic into qualified business leads.

Our team at Tonjoo specializes in taking your existing WordPress Site Design and integrating landing page functionality into your sites backend.We can feed your leads into your existing CRM system or email marketing tool.Upon completion of the project you will be able to spin up landing pages whenever you wish.

The four questions your landing page needs to answer. There are four main things a good landing page tells a viewer in a few seconds:

  • What exactly is being offered? – You should answer the question “What’s in it for me if I give you my information?”
  • What are the benefits of the offer? – You should explain why the viewer just can’t live without it.
  • Why does the viewer need the offer NOW? – You should create a sense of urgency around your offer.
  • How does the user get the offer? – The page should make it easy for the lead to convert.

Our Team of expert web consultants at Tonjoo is well equipped to come up with the answer for these questions & also help you get the best out of your Landing page. Some of the popular types of landing pages type that we help our clients with are the following :

  1. Email List Opt-In Landing Page
  2. Content Guide Landing Page
  3. Start Here Landing Page
  4. Discount and Coupon Offers
  5. Coming From [social network] Landing Page)
  6. Guest Post Landing Page
  7. Thank You Landing Page
  8. Unsubscribe Landing Page
  9. Website Launching Soon Landing Page

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