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Indonesia Kreatif

Indonesia Kreatif Network

Indonesia Kreatif is a flagship program launced by goverment of Indonesia to develop creative economy in Indonesia. Indonesia Kreatif dedicated to give support and help program acceleration for government’s institution to develop creative economy and creative society in Indonesia.

This portal (indonesiakreatif.net) is an online collaboration and networking site established to gather and accommodate stakeholder of creative economy in Indonesia. This site encompass multiple function from news center for development of creative economy all around Indonesia to provide an online showcase for the creative industry to display their works.

Keywords: online collaboration, showcase, directory, blog

What we do?

  •  Website Development of indonesiakreatif.net
  • Multiple WordPress Site integration
  • Custom user dashboard

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Our client needs a platform to gather the stakeholders in creative industry. From our analysis and data provided by our client, we created a concept of one stop portal that would provide information and facilities for every stakeholders which consists of government institution, private sector, and people’s community or individual.

From the aspect of information, the stakeholder needs every update and news on creative industry so we provided a neat and pleasant news blog to keep them updated on stories, events, and highlights from Indonesia’s creative sphere. To make it more appeal, we divided the news with comprehensive categories to deliver a targeted message for the audience.

From the aspect of facilitation, we create a portal for the stakeholder so they can create their own showcase and publish their works. More than 2000 individual has joined and more than 200 community, company, and group has published their creation. We also provided the site with systematic directory so every creative practitioner can find each other and collaborate. Until now, more than 1800 artworks has been displayed in multiple format from music to video in many creative subsectors.

Length of Project : 1 year

Status : Finished

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