Buyer is king. This idiom is still widely held by the sellers. Consumer satisfaction is not the most important thing. It is everything. Luckily, it is getting easier to make customers satisfied by using internet technology. Ecommerce websites began to flourish rapidly. The main reason is obvious. Ecommerce website such as online shop will help buyers to do shopping activities effortlessly. is one of the leading online shop website in Indonesia. Amazara specializes in selling various kinds of women shoes. Like other ecommerce entrepreneurs, Amazara attempts to provide the best service for their target market which are young women. Therefore, Amazara requires a website that treats potential customers to shop online nicely.

Amazara then chose Tonjoo as the right partner to create an ecommerce website that sells women shoes online. Amazara and Tonjoo agree if the convenience and accessibility of consumers is the basic value in creating an online shop. All features shown in the website should be able to provide maximum service to consumers.

First, we designed a charming website with feminine and minimalist style. This interface will attract visitors of websites that are dominated by young women. In addition, the products of women shoes are also displayed with engaging photos. These two main things are the key magnet for visitors to do online shopping at Amazara’s website.

We also try to make step-by-step of the purchasing process from the selection of women shoes to the payment can be done easily, comfortably, and quickly. We then update the payment feature with the payment gateway system so that consumers can make the transfer by debit.

Our efforts do not stop there. We also work on customer services in detail. By accessing this section, consumers will get additional info on how to shop, size charts, return procedures, until after service.

Amazara made the right decision by holding us as a partner in developing the online shop website. Both Amazara and Tonjoo do provide the best service in satisfying the consumers. We build an ecommerce website for Amazara that is adaptive with the modern needs. This website also stands as a vanguard in digital branding. With our experience, developing an ecommerce website like is just a piece of cake.


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