One of the advantages of ecommerce websites in the world of digital marketing is an online catalogue feature. With this e-catalogue, the company can serve customers without any time limitation. Customers can browse the available products whenever and wherever without depending on the company opening and closing hours. Astra Motor as one of the leading motorcycle retailer in Indonesia certainly requires this feature in its official website.

Astra Motor then entrust Tonjoo to develop Astra Motor website. Overall, there are two websites that we work on. The first website is a website for Astra main dealer while the second website for Astra retail. Though the general content of both websites seems identical, there are several different features embedded in both websites.

The similarity of both websites lies in the electronic catalogue feature. Both websites are showing Honda motorcycles products with the price. In addition to the online catalogue feature, both websites are also complemented with dealer map features. This map feature will make it easier for customers to find the nearest Astra dealer.

The distinctive features of both websites are membership and credit simulations. Membership features and credit simulations can be found on the Astra motor retail website. With this feature, buyers will get the information of step-by-step installment process before making a purchase.

In addition to please potential buyers, the website will also bring benefits for companies with SEO optimization. An SEO friendly website will increase website visibility in search engines that will automatically increase the number of website visitors. With all these modern fittings, the website will be at the forefront of Astra Motor in doing business.


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