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Cipta Media Seluler


Cipta Media Seluler (CMS) is an open grant that invites individuals, communities and organizations to come up with initiatives in the form of a more equitable social change through the use of cellular technology. Tonjoo is helping ciptamedia.org to create a platform which will connect project donors with recipients of grants through the integrated media that can be monitored by both parties, as well as by the people who want to know the flow of the grant funds through this website.


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What we do?

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Ciptamedia.org is a site owned by grant owners organizations who specializing these funds to the managers of information and technology. The grant itself can be awarded to the community, organization or individual students who have a variety of ideas and the ability to provide benefits to society through technology that today’s world is growing rapidly. On the website we can browse on who gave the grants, anyone who receives a grant, where grants were distributed and to which the funds have been utilized. So that the visitors can know to which people can feel the benefit of technology by these funds.

In ciptamedia.org, there are also facilities that provide a platform for providers of grants, and grant recipients to be able to communicate with one another for the smooth process of the grant. The grant itself is a form of cost of social responsibility of the community and organizations to the perpetrators of the technology world, to then be given the widest possible benefits to society. We are working on this social-themed website within 2 months, without any significant difficulties. With our capabilities, this website can now be presented with a very accessible and can be taken advantage by all users and visitors of the website.

Length of project: 2 month
Status: Finished

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