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EUX Media

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It’s a multimedia era. Everything is delivered in media shape from the simple text to more sophisticated media such as poster design or video. Eux Media is a leading agency and production house in digital video.

EUX represent the end user experience, the key ingredient to communicating with customers in the most visual and effective way. We were assigned with a task to bring about a good company profile and help them explained their wide line of work in one website platform.

Keywords : information center, company profile

What we do?

  • Website design
  • HTML Slicing

Eux Media ability to create multipurpose videos has to be assisted with a good company profile and information center on their website. We created a website with sitemap enabling visitors to comprehend and learn about the services provided by Eux Media. Two categories was brought up: Corporate videos and Entertainment videos which both of them also further divided into smaller categories. This website act as a good explanator of the importance of the digital videos for the customer. Focused on showing the client point of interest and agitation, this website also equipped with persuasive section to invite visitor to the contact page.

Length of Project  : 2 month

Status : Finished

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