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Good.Co is a self-discovery platform and network for a new generation of professionals looking for more meaning in their careers. It helps job seekers and employees identify their professional archetype, assess a company’s fit, and give them the tools and resources they need to find true happiness in the workplace.

Good.co has been widely reported in Global Media Network as  per below:-

  • Mashable: Good.Co lets you see how well your personality matches up with specific companies and employees
  • NYTimes: Good.Co is organized around helping both job seekers and employers find the right cultural fit.
  • FastCompany: Want a work environment that makes you happy? Find your culture fit with any company!
  • USNews: Don’t let the fun behind the questions let you think there isn’t any science behind it.
  • TIME: The eHarmony of Jobs
  • PandoDaily: The job-hunting lovechild of eHarmony and LinkedIn
  • FastCompany: How To Create Meaningful Work Relationships
  • Webby’s: Go from take this job and shove it to take this job and love it.”

Tonjoo developed Good.co website from scratch and is also managing its amazing blog. The whole website was made responsive to ensure that a wide audience can benifit by Good.co’s offering on various platforms. We made the site easy to navigate and it’s become the central hub for Good.co’s users and potential users. Site optimizationa and analytics was done aggressively to ensure that the site supports the increasing audience base of Good.co. In addition, we also developed various promotions landing page campaigns for Good.co. Tonjoo is currently dedicated WordPress partner for Good.co & its all ongoing WordPress related needs.

KeyWords: WordPress Design, Optimization, Responsiveness, Mobile, SEO, Analytics, Hosting solution, Landing pages, advertising

Length of Project  : 3 month

Status : Finished

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