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IHS Indonesia


IHS Indonesia is one of the leading hospitality school in Indonesia. IHS brand themselves international class hospitality vocational school with superiority in working placement on every level of jobs : local, national, and international.

IHS just recently engage the internet marketing with us as their partner. They want to digitalize an make online every promotional matter available including information center and registration. IHS assigned us with a task to create a helpful website for school seeker yet informative for their parents.

Keywords: school, information center, application system, news and blog

What we do?

  • Development of ihs-indonesia.com
  • Content Writing
  • Website Maintenance
  • Social Media Maintenance

When we create a promotional website for a school, several context come upfront. We have to ensure not just the student candidate but also their parents. Not just about the school and education itself but also the prospect, the study environment, and many other beneficial factors. In Indonesia, hospitality is not a favorite kind of education which usually underestimated by public. Yet, the desire to have a nice and prestigious job drives people. IHS offers their students not just a good education but also straight ticket to the job market.

So, we were supposed to create a website to explain those significant factor while also promoting the school environment and the city of Solo itself where the school is located. Website of ihs-indonesia.com provides the visitor full information about studying in IHS. We provide parent section which provide them with the fact and explanation about the advantage of studying in IHS.

On the other hand, we develop a student activity information center to show the activity and creativity of IHS students that can act as promotional stuffs. Moreover, understanding that the student has been coming from all over Indonesia, we simplify and facilitate long distant registration and application through apply.ihs-indonesia.com.

Length of Project : 3 months

Status : Finished

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