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In today’s digital age, everything can be obtained easily from home. Shopping is quite done behind the scenes gadgets. KuchooKushions fully understand it and take on the role of being one of superior products that can compete in the market.

We make kuchookhusions.com become one of the easily accessible E-commerce and represent the product with the desired detail of consumers who visit it. We integrate the website with the Paypal payment system, so that shopping becomes very easy, as easy as socializing in social media.

Keywords: E-commerce, product, wordpress

What we do:

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Payment integration

Kuchookhusions provide a variety of cusion and bean bag products with a wide selection of colors and shapes, each in accordance with the requirements of consumers. Clients who manufacture these products come from Australia and we got through Odesk.com. Intended as a fledgling business, we make Kuchookhusions able to compete with websites Ecommerce predecessors. So when you see the zoom you can see an E-commerce website that is professional. We emphasize the ease of access and payment, so that the activities of your shopping will be easier.

Length of Project: 2 months

Status: Finished

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