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Prince English Solution


Company profile website is an introductions platform between a corporation or business entity with its customers. To that end, it is vital for every company, today, to have it. Prince English Solution, a company engaged in the field of English language teaching and is based in Jakarta, deeply understand about the function of the company profile website to grow their business in Indonesia, for that they ask us to make www.princeenglishsolution.com, which will be the center of information on tutoring that they invent.

Keywords: Company profile, education websites, clean website, multi-language website

What We Do:

  • Create clean design based on client’s need
  • Convert PSD to be functional website
  • Setup multi-language website feature

By trying to understand the desired of Prince English Solution as our clients, we create a website with a very attractive design and appearance; of course it is our expertise. As a company profile website, www.princeenglishsolution.com made with very simple and riveting because it looks very cool. There is no particular difficulty we faced during making of the website. We always try to understand the client’s wishes, although they still lay with the website.

This website is designed for those who want to find information about tutoring of English and also for investors who want to invest in education, especially in English language education. Other features that we provide in this website is multi-language feature, which allows anyone, from any country, to visit www.princeenglishsolution.com with no trouble for understanding its contents.

Length of Project: 1 month

Status: Finished

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