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Kraton Wedding

Kraton Wedding

Kraton Wedding is a sacred royal wedding at the heart of Yogyakarta’s monarchy. The last Kraton Wedding held in Yogyakarta was the royal wedding of 2013 between GKR Hayu, the first daughter of Sultan HB X with KPH Notonegoro. This big wedding was celebrated by the whole citizen of Yogyakarta as an cultural festivities and sacred ceremony.

To spread the word and displaying the richness of culture in this wedding, The Keraton institution askedus to create an online information center of the wedding. This site provides complete info on the rituals of the wedding, the wedding gallery, and even the live streaming of the event.

Keywords :  information center, live streaming, event, gallery

What we do?

  • RSVP System
  • Optimizing site to hold 300 thousand hits/day

The Royal Keraton Wedding is a sacred and profound cultural festivities and ceremony to commemorate the wedding of royal members of Keraton nobility. So, more than just a wedding party, the ritual of
Kraton Wedding has a meaningful presence for the people and cultural belief in Yogyakarta. We were assigned with a task to spread the word and cultural value of the rituals through digital media.

The idea of Kratonwedding.com consists of providing audience with complete information on the wedding rituals, schedule, gallery, and every material to help them getting familiar with the wedding ceremony. We created a unique homepage with bespoke design displaying the beauty of the cultural event.

The visitors of the website facilitated by complete schedule of the ceremony including the news and stories behind the rituals of the wedding. Because the ceremony was held inside the Keraton where not everyone invited and able to access, we provided a live streaming facility for the visitors. And of course we also created a fine gallery to give visual experience for the audience.

Length of Project : 3 months

Status : Finished

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