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Kratonwedding.com is an official website that reports the Royal Keraton Wedding. The Royal Keraton Wedding is not only a marriage of nobles. This sacred ceremony is a part of sacred and profound culture that is celebrated by all citizens of Yogyakarta. As a cultural festivities and sacred ceremony, this wedding will also attract the attention from various parts of the country.

The Keraton institution certainly needs a website those who want to take a closer look to the this sacred ritual. Observing our hands’ works in doing on various websites, the Palace institution also entrusts this task to us. In our hands, this website performs various tasks ranging from an information center until the media to watch this sacred ceremony more closely.

The homepage of this site is designed with a unique interface and speak the beauty of this sacred ceremony attractively. On the next pages, visitors can find complete information starting from GKR Hayu and KPH Notonegoro love story, latest news, and photo gallery.

The most unique feature that we created in this website is live streaming features that ease users to witness the royal wedding ceremony of the palace completely. Since this ceremony took place inside the Keraton, the number of invitation is limited. This feature is certainly very helpful for anyone who wants to witness this cultural procession closer.

Is the site then fail to handle various sophisticated features and enthusiastic visitors? Of course not. We have provided optimization that keep this site responsive and running well though it gets more than 300,000 hits per day.
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