Advance WordPress Service

Turn your current site into an advanced WordPress Powered site. Tonjoo can help you with multiple advanced WordPress tasks. Below are some of our Advanced WordPress offerings.

Our Advance WordPress Services Includes:

  1. WordPress Version Upgrade
  2. Are you running an outdated version of WordPress and scared to change to the latest version due lack of expertise. Contact us for a FREE QUOTE with your website specifications.

  3. WordPress site migration
  4. Contact us for a FREE QUOTE on this.

  5. BuddyPress
  6. BuddyPress is a plugin that adds features to extend WordPress core functionality in to a powerful social networking platform. Think of it as a social network in a box, including all of the features you are accustomed to. Tonjoo can help you with BuddyPress development. READ MORE

  7. bbPress
  8. bbPress is lean, mean, and ready to take on any job you throw at it. We can help you with your bbPress web development & customization needs.
    (I will add more text to this…For now link used to Free Quote page )

  9. MultiSite
  10. WordPress Multisite gives you the ability of running multiple websites with a single install of WordPress. WordPress Multisite is ideal for creating a network of sites with easy administration of each individual site. READ MORE

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