Custom WordPress CMS Development Services Indonesia

Custom WordPress CMS Website Development Services Indonesia

Being unique is the main power of every online business. Competing business in this digital era also requires extremely strong platforms. A robust website with professional design and advanced functionalities is a must-have asset.


Are you in search of solutions to win the online market? Tonjoo as a leading Custom WordPress CMS Website Development Services Indonesia can help you defeat the competition.


With more than a decade of experience, our company is the best partner. We have solutions to help you deal with multiple CMS platforms, especially WordPress. Along with our experienced WordPress experts, you can build a unique creation for your brand.


WordPress Website Development Services


Having more than 40 millions of users, WordPress becomes one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world. This platform successfully dominates up to 64.3% of CMS system market share.


Of course there are lots of reasons behind the popularity of WordPress. As a CMS, WordPress is a proper platform to build fabulous, feature-rich and greatly functional websites.


It is free and self-hosted. Moreover, WordPress is user friendly and very easy to install, deploy and update. What makes this platform more interesting is it provides thousands of beautiful themes and ready-to-use plugins to advance functionality.


Some are free and other themes and plugins are available at a very affordable price. Besides, WordPress also offers the chance for its users to add new other features for developing and customizing the appearance and functions.


Customization vs. Standard Templates: Which is Better?


As an open source website application, WordPress offers two options for its users: to use its standard templates or doing customization. These preferences are not infrequently confusing for some business owners.


Most business owners may prefer to choose a standard template to start. This is free, more practical and very easy to use. Unfortunately, using standard templates is not quite beneficial especially for a business.


A free, standard WordPress template has several minus which can influence your running business. For example:

  • Not exclusive and seem less professional.
  • Very limited customization.
  • Some templates are less SEO-friendly.
  • Unable to create unique layouts and views.

With some drawbacks, a standard and free WordPress website is not easy to thrive in a very competitive business. Your competitors are struggling to increase their online presence to gain much niche and visibility.


If your business platform is not quite competent, it’s hard to win. A common website with standard features will not encourage your business’ strengths at its maximum value.


That’s why customization plays an important role in helping an online business to grow. Custom website development becomes the key to enhance user experience and trust for your business.


The following are several benefits of using custom WordPress website development:

  • Offers an exclusive impression.
  • Enhances professionality.
  • Increases credibility.
  • Helps the appearance look more attractive & exclusive.
  • Improves user experience.
  • Becomes the proper selling point for ecommerce websites.

If you are serious about your business, customization is something you have to do. However, customization is not easy since it needs so much effort.


Even if you use an open source platform like WordPress, customization still needs specific treatment to design and devise. Fortunately, you don’t have to make it alone. If you need to make a custom website to boost your online business, you can hand it over to Tonjoo.


Tonjoo as Custom WordPress CMS Website Development Services Indonesia


Upgrade your business with Tonjoo. We are a pioneer custom WordPress CMS website development service company in Indonesia. Our company is based in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. However, we serve WordPress development services over the globe.


With our extensively excellent team of developers, we can generate custom WordPress web development services involving lush functionality, integrity, solid and straight capabilities.


Our team is loyal and skillful in developing interactive, feature-rich, powerful and responsive website solutions drawn to your custom business needs.


As a multiservices website development, we offer an extensive spectrum of WordPress development services for all types of customers.


We have helped hundreds of clients from governments, institutions, startups, SMEs, small/medium/ large enterprises to privates. Our customized WordPress solutions are designed specifically to fulfill your needs.


What We Offer?


We believe every business is unique. And you as updated business owners need to be different.

Our Tonjoo team of developers, programmers and designers have served hundreds of clients with robust and qualified WordPress customs. It’s time for you!


We also helped business owners develop their online shop to provide a fast, feature-rich and user friendly website for their customers. Tonjoo provides solutions for various manufacturing and development needs. The broad range of WordPress development services includes:


  • Installation, configuration and setup
  • Design customization
  • Theme customization
  • Custom plugin development
  • Woocommerce integration services
  • SEO Optimization
  • WordPress website maintenance & support
  • Information / News Portal development
  • Custom CMS development
  • WordPress ecommerce development
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • WordPress migration services
  • WooCommerce development
  • and many more.


We also provide flexible services by making designs according to your needs and budget. Payment systems can also be customized and communicated in advance.


Why Choose Tonjoo?


If you are looking for an expert in WordPress based website customization, Tonjoo is the best partner. Tonjoo, a WordPress specialist company that is able to provide solutions from upstream to downstream. We are here to meet your needs and resolve complaints that have been hampering your business.


We have been focusing on WordPress design and development for years. Our company always provides our valuable clients the best WordPress services solutions. We truly know what you need.


Our team is highly experienced, updated with all kinds of website technology, dedicated and really passionate in delivering services to reach perfection.


Tonjoo offers WordPress-based website design services in various specifications, needs, and budgets. We are ready to create a work that will reflect the character and uniqueness of your business.


Are you searching for the right partner to enhance your online business? Or you need a partner to help you grow business through a strong and excellent WordPress platform?


Congratulations! You have been in the right place. Please contact us and consult your problems. Just tell your problems and wait, Tonjoo as the pioneer Custom WordPress CMS Website Development Services Indonesia is always ready to give you the solutions.


Want some more information? Click our contact link or complete the proposal in the following form.

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