Ecommerce Website Development Services Indonesia

E-Commerce Website Development Services Indonesia

Ecommerce websites are the best solution to win demanding modern consumers. Boost your online sales and traffic with a custom premium ecommerce web with us!


Tonjoo is a leading ECommerce Website Development Services Indonesia. We will help you create pioneering e-commerce website solutions for prevailing and robust online stores bearing with the test of time.


Partnering with Tonjoo, you will be amazed working with our ecommerce team savvy in high-performance. Let’s see what we offer to you!


ECommerce as The Solution of Success Online Business


Living in the 21st century means we have to work with digital and technology. While business is not about local brands or high street stores. In this digital era, business needs improvement collaborating with technologies to meet the global demands.


Benefitting from the world of digitalization, every business owner should invest in ecommerce development. Why ecommerce? It’s believed ecommerce is the key which rules global industry, at least for this time. 


And in fact, it’s true! Look at several giant ecommerce industries like eBay, Alibaba and Amazon. They have revolutionized strategy from traditional to modern and online platforms. Surprisingly, they hit the global market very successfully. 


Looking for the triumph of those big online markets, many businesses from big to small, are massively ditching traditional ways to unfold wide selling methods with ecommerce. Why? It’s because ecommerce provides more benefits which no traditional commerce entrepreneur had wished for before.      


Why ECommerce, Not Marketplace or Other Platforms?


As newcomers in the online business market, many are confused about how to start-up their online storefront. Whether to use an ecommerce website, join a marketplace or use social media. 


There are plenty of online platforms that will help you launch such as marketplaces and social media like Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp, etc. These platforms offer simple solutions and less budget. 


However, such platforms do not really help your business to boost as they look less professional. In the marketplace, your products are displayed among other competitors, making your brand less exclusive.


Social media becomes less practical since it doesn’t offer automatic sales management. Many business owners still have troubles in managing order systems, store management, reseller services, and many other tasks. 


While ecommerce may seem so complicated because it needs complex development to build. However, ecommerce websites provide huge advantages for your business and your customers.This platform offers professionality, complex functionality as well as practicality. 


It enhances the exclusive impression of your business. The system allows business owners to automate generating sales anytime and anywhere without any burdens. It also helps you target specific audiences to reach potential customers for increasing conversion. 


Ecommerce websites may be full of complexity, yet it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can hire ecommerce web development services like Tonjoo as a partner. 


We are a web design and development corporation who will help your business to build the best solution for your digital asset. Our company offers the development and optimization of e-commerce websites. 


Tonjoo as The Best ECommerce Website Development Services Indonesia


If you’re looking for a trusted e-commerce website service provider in Indonesia, Tonjoo is the best answer. We are a leading web design and development company that have helped hundreds of clients to expand their business.


Tonjoo provides a full-suite of ecommerce website development services, from strategy to maintenance. We also offer ongoing consultation and 24 hours support to help your site keep related to business and boost revenues at all times.    


Our team or ecommerce developers have both expertise and track record needed to deliver a full range of ecommerce development services. 


With more than 10 years of ecommerce development experience, we are ready to transform your site into a scalable and shopping platform. 


What We Offer?


As an expertise in WordPress development, our team has a specialty in developing WooCommerce platform. However, our company also provides wide and custom online store development services.


We provide solutions from A-Z for ecommerce-based online store development, including:


  1. ECommerce Customization

Create a custom online store that fits your needs. From design, features to management system, we can make an online store that really meets your demand. You just submit the concept, we will customize it.


  1. ECommerce Plugin Integration

Install and customize eCommerce-based online stores while installing various plugins, features and integrating with other platforms.


  1. Retargeting

Installing pixel Facebook Ads into online stores as user data for retargeting . This will help visitors come back to your store easily.


  1. SEO Optimization

Optimizing SEO as well as branding to make it easier for online stores to appear on the first page of search engines.


  1. Customer Database

Perform visitor data collection which can automatically recap name/email/mobile number/and other data. This kind of data is very useful for marketing, advertising, user collection, and customer data collection.


  1. User Management

Create applications that help manage user, inventory, and cash management more thoroughly, safely and of course accurately. Store management can be simpler, easier & hassle free!


  1. Business Needs

Create a business model that fits your needs! We can create Manufacture to Customer or Business to Customer types of online stores according to needs.


  1. Full Features

WooCommerce online store customization is not only limited to the appearance and interface design. Online stores can be equipped with various additional features that can be tailored to your business needs.




Our ecommerce development services offer a bundle of features to enrich your online store. We also provide customized features to help you win the market. 

Here are some features we offer:


  • Server Recommendations
  • Installation
  • Custom Themes / Custom Themes (Display) WordPress Online Store
  • WooCommerce Plugin Installation and Optimization For Product Management and Buyer/Seller Transactions, such as
  • Payment Gateway Installation
  • Product Order
  • Label Shipping Options
  • Shopping Cart
  • Store Management
  • E-Commerce / Online Store Support Plugin Installation, including:
  • Custom price
  • Abandoned Order Management
  • Inventory Manager
  • Postage Plugin
  • Multiple Step Checkout
  • Payment Confirmation
  • Send Receipt Plugin
  • Plugin For Reseller Management
  • Shipping and Warehouse Labeling
  • Refund Management Plugin
  • Promotion Manager Plugin
  • Wishlist Management Plugin
  • Inventory Manager Installation
  • OnPage SEO Installation
  • Yoast SEO Installation
  • Schema / Data Structure Installation
  • Sitemap Settings
  • Robots.txt Settings
  • Core Web Vital
  • SEO Content Optimization
  • Security Installation and Website Speed ​​Optimization


With full-featured customization, online store management just got easier. No need to burden yourself in managing marketing systems, optimization and even delivery. All management has been integrated into a single unit that is easily accessible and secure.


By using a robust ecommerce platform full of functionalities, your customers will be more convenient shopping online at your store! A unique, professional and optimized custom website will attract more visitors. More visits = more orders!


Our services are not limited and flexible. We also provide custom optimization and maintenance which are relevant to your business needs. Whatever you need, we always provide solutions to meet your demands. 


Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your business through the best ECommerce Website Development Services Indonesia! Let’s advance your business with Tonjoo and find the best solution from us today!


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