Those who access digital content frequently may already be familiar with Hipwee, an online media designed for youngster which serve viral contents. Hipwee has a unique attractiveness by presenting contents that is close to everyday urban youth life.

This very potential target market makes a great success for Hipwee. As an online media, Hipwee is capable in getting 30 – 50 million pageviews every month. In addition, those digital content enthusiasts also have high average reading time every time they visit Hipwee.

Hipwee’s achievement cannot be separated from the work of Tonjoo team as the IT support for Hipwee. Tonjoo provides outsourced employees for the improvement of all kinds of technical matters ranging from website development to mobile application development.

As an online media, Hipwee invites all of the visitors to give contribution for Hipwee with unique and interesting articles. Listing articles with a lot of interesting pictures are favorite. This is where Tonjoo plays a vital role in inserting User Generated Content feature that makes it easy even for non-expert individuals to post their writings to Hipwee.

Tonjoo partnership with Hipwee verifies that Tonjoo is able to manage an online media that have high number of pageviews without reducing swiftness in exploring any existing content. Tonjoo is also capable in building an online platform to publish writings from the users. So, Tonjoo is not only capable of handling a big company but also helping them to growing bigger.



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