The company’s greatest asset lies in its human resources. As a valuable asset, the company should apply the best management methods to manage all kinds of employee matters. The advancement of information and communication system technology allow this employee management can be accomplished easily through human resource information system.

International Hotel Management School (IHS) located in Solo is also interested to apply HRD information system to manage its employee and lecturer data. Inspired by Tonjoo’s expertise in building similar applications, IHS picks us as a partner without a second thought. Tonjoo itself already has a similar human resource system information called Amanah. Amanah was then re-modified into a web-based application to fit in IHS needs.

The application of this website-based HRD information system covers many things. Starting from presence, teaching schedule, salary, permit and leave submission, until the official duty can be managed by accessing this application. The recorded data also includes data for permanent and non-permanent lecturers. In addition to these basic features, we also complement additional features for salary such as the calculation of tax PPh 21 and the amount of salary deductions.

As its function as a human resource information system, HRD information system owned by IHS can be used as data reference for other parties. In the report section, all employee data, activities, up to the salaries of each department will be summarized.

Along with the functional matters, we also design IHS’s HRD information system with a simple and attractive interface. Simple yet modern impression will ease the user when accessing this application. In the long run, an employee information system is a solution to manage your company’s valuable assets.



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