Plugin Ongkos Kirim is a WooCommerce and WordPress plugin that provides calculation postage services all over Indonesia through various expedition services such as JNE, TIKI, and Pos Indonesia. This delivery expense plugin is unquestionably favorable for ecommerce owners. By adding this plugin to their website, the customer does not need to access the expedition’s service website to check the postage.

Many other advantages can be gained by using this plugin. Tonjoo uses its own proprietary API integrated with data from expedition services in Indonesia. So, the calculation of various delivery expense used will always be up-to-date.

This delivery expense plugin can also be set to the needs of each online store. If the shipping price that appears not in accordance with the actual shipping price needed by the company, the owners can make adjustments to postages easily.

In order to distinguish each buyer’s transaction, this plugin will also create a unique code generated randomly. This unique code will appear at checkout. The owner no longer need to worry if there are missed transactions.

Not only the owner, customers are also facilitated by the plugin Ongkos Kirim made by Tonjoo. Customers may choose the preferred various expedition services, specific weight calculations, and shipping costs calculation including insurance coverage and packaging options.

This delivery expense plugin has been downloaded more than 5000 times. More than 500 customers provide a 5 star rating on this reliable plugin and Tonjoo’s services that satisfy online store owners.


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