The time has come to us when the paramount success of the company is determined not only by the quality of the individuals but also by the excellent quality of the internal communication between the employees. The forward-thinking technologies also support the development of corporate portals for improving of the communication quality between employees. This enhancement has been executed by Toyota Astra Finance.

TAF employee portal is an internal corporate portal dedicated to all Toyota Astra Finance employees all over Indonesia. An internal portal such as owned by Toyota Astra Finance helps to improve the quality of communication relationships among employees. A better workplace ecosystem will be formed by having better internal communication.

TAF has created this internal corporate portal. However, the use of this corporate portal is ineffective. Tonjoo was then appointed to rebuild and make some enhancements to the TAF employee portal.

Then, we apply our experiences in rebuilding this internal corporate portal. Implementation of the products with API integration allows users to share in the TAF employee portal. We also complement the TAF Employee Portal with special features designed for two-way internal communication between top-level management and employees. Some of the exciting features include birthday reminders with photos, blogs that can be responded to with comments, easy-to-access file sharing from various branches spread across Indonesia, media galleries containing event documentation, and polling. TAF Employee Portal facilitates the broadcasting of information within the internal environment of Toyota Astra Finance company quickly and communicatively.


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