Website as an information portal to introduce the company profile is commonly found. Website as an information media for events also can be found easily. What if a website can be an information media as well as a tool to facilitate the registration process of the participants? This is what we do with Unilever in developing the site.

Unilever Future Leader’s League is an annual competition created by Unilever to treasure talented youngsters that dare to aspire and contribute in business, consumerism, and other global issues. At the local stage, especially Indonesia, Unilever will select the 3 best individuals to compete with other bright mind fellows from 30 countries.

A big event certainly has its own challenges. Moreover, Unilever is one of the leading companies in Indonesia. The annual competition from Unilever certainly attracts millions of young people from all corners of the country to join and send their aspirations. To ease very stage of the event ranging from participants’ registration until a bunch of data management are the other upcoming challenges that must be faced by Unilever.

We offer solutions and creative way to conquer the challenge in the form of a website development. Carrying the WordPress’ flexibility, Unilever Future Leader’s League website will play double role. Getting the latest announcements and conducting registration process all can be done by accessing this site. A quiz is also can be found as an additional entertainment for web visitors.

We also designed this website according to the unique brand guide website that in accordance with Unilever’s character. Moreover, this design also represents the character of Kecap Bango, as the main brand of this annual event. The dynamic and modern youth element are also the main consideration in determining the look of the user interface. In addition to the unique design, we also ensure the overall functionality of the website runs well.

Does it take a long time to complete this website? Less than 25 days, this website can be delivered to Unilever to be tested. With tight deadlines and detailed aspects, this website project can be done well.
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