WordPress Website Migration Services Indonesia

WordPress Website Migration Services Indonesia

There’s nothing worse than getting your WordPress hosting provider out of standards! If you think it’s time to change your web hosting but have no idea about it. No worries. You have come to the right place!


Tonjoo, as a WordPress Website Migration Services Indonesia, is more than ready and capable to transform your website into the most suitable arrangements that satisfy you.


Move your outgrown website into an entire new, advanced, and technically powerful hosting setup with us!


Why & When Website Migration Becomes a Must?


Growing an online business is a complicated process. Not only to manage business stuff, you have to deal with all kinds of online tools and problems. Websites, known to be the hardest part of growing digital business through the internet.


As your website develops, you definitely find many obstacles. You may realize that your current hosting arrangements are unable to meet your business demands. If you are in this kind of situation, it’s time to consider migrating your site to the new one.


However, WordPress website migration is not just essential. Migration to a new server is also beneficial too. Here are several reasons why website migration is a must to do.

  1. Enhance Site Security


Migrating a website into the current and suitable hosting setup makes website security more powerful.


The more secure a website, the better system to protect your site content from malware and hackers. This becomes more important if you grow a business site containing sensitive data, for example customer details.


If your website undergoes a fair share of security problems, it may be the right moment to migrate your site into a safer arrangement.


  1. Increase Site Performance


Security is highly important, but performance also matters. You may find your site secure, but if it’s not fulfilling your user experience, and if it has too much downtime with lots of slow-loading pages everywhere. Your site may be useless.


Migration will help you improve website performance and create faster loading pages to your sites. By advancing users’ experience, you can also reach more conversions through your digital asset.


  1. Offer Full Technical Support


Growing a large website typically needs more treatment and maintenance than small websites. If you grow a large business supported with big and complicated sites, you may have no time and energy to handle everything on your own.


That’s why you need web migration services to help you deal with those abundant work.


By moving your sites into a professional hosting solution with full technical support can lead your business much easier. You can count on a team of experts to manage your website and perform key tasks, such as WordPress updates and backups.


This will save your energy and time that you can use up for managing business stuff rather than attempting to deal with WP migration.


  1. More Flexible


Some server arrangements are more restrictive than others. It aims to warrant the migration process to the new server.


In case you have a very limited amount of storage on your server website which is inadequately supported, you’ll likely need to hire WordPress migration service.


Moving your current server sites to a more advanced hosting solution will help you expand your bandwidth resources. Expanding storage to a larger space will make it more flexible. This also helps enable the server to handle sudden growth that occurs in your site traffic.


  1. Full of Resources


With an advanced server and of course, larger space, your site will also be full of resources. You can also have unlimited control over your new site server.


This makes it easier to customize, utilize and install any software for a better performance. It is also easier to help you meet your business needs.


Should I Consider Migrating Manually or By Services?


To deal with a WordPress website migration, you should be at least comfortable with a bundle of things, including FTP, databases, backend, etc. It also requires skills and knowledge of website development, especially WordPress.


As an open CMS, WordPress may be friendly to use compared to others. However, migrating websites is another story.


Migrating a WordPress site is an arduous process. It is not a straightforward task which last hours to finish. Even an expert user may find it a bit difficult. There are some steps to go beyond for completing a successful migration.


If you are not comfortable enough with the system, rather than consuming time and energy for uncertain things, it’s better to focus on your business development. Hire an advanced and professional WordPress Migration Service and let the experts work!


Why Should I Choose Tonjoo?


Do you need to move your server to a better hosting provider to make it faster or more secure? Perhaps you want to push a local WP site to a live server? Or perhaps you need to move your site from a subdomain to the main directory?


Whatever you need to do, just leave it to the expert. Migrating a WordPress is a long and tedious process. Yet, it shouldn’t need to be. While website migration requires a fair amount of tasks, you don’t have to complete it all by yourself.


Tonjoo is a reputed, professional and trusted WordPress website migration service in Indonesia with strong experience. We are full of experienced teams who are capable of migrating any open-source CMS to WordPress or vice versa.


We also offer custom WordPress migration services which help increase website security and performance. Our WP database migration processes are implemented manually and supported with 100% SSD to safeguard full data integrity.


You can choose to be a partner with us and get everything done!

Our WordPress Migration Services


Tonjoo offers a custom and complete WordPress migration service to help you easier setting up your new server. We are open to all types of website migration, including updating DNS and configuration settings.


From backups, exports to imports, we are ready to migrate the entire WP website into a better new hosting solution. Our service includes:


  • Painless migration of all existing features from the current site, ensuring post types, media library, content and users.
  • Synchronize new content.
  • Opt any additional upgrades to the website, including DNS updates, configuration settings or malware removal.
  • Any types of custom WordPress website migration.


Are you ready to start migrating your WordPress website? Don’t miss your choice!


Tonjoo as one of WordPress Website Migration Services Indonesia is always ready to be the best solution for your online business.


If you’re interested in learning more about WordPress migration, feel free to contact! We are more than delighted to answer your questions and to share our knowledge to help you grow. If you have any questions or a project to discuss, our welcome team would love to help.

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