W3 Total Cache Purge All Post Plugin

W3Total Cache Page caching mechanism is somewhat very confusing. Which page to purge ? does the archive need to purge to? how about the widget? We know that W3 Total Cache already have mechanism to purge archive page with similiar tag / category (post term purge). However this is not sufficient. Consider this scenario : ...

CSS Before After image with center text

css-before-after-image-with-center-text A cross-browser boilerplate for centering text with before after image. The sample result is : You can also view it live here : Live Sample , Click Here Tested on : IE 8 – 10 (Yeaah IE compatible :D) ~ IE < 8 is not supporting before after css Mozilla Firefox Chrome Opera How ...

Backup Rotation Script

Description This script allow you to create a rotation backup for your files and mysql database. The backup target can be local or remote (FTP). The script have 3 backup type Daily backup Weekly backup (default : perform every sixth day of the week) Monthly backup (default : perform every first day of the month) ...

Easy Custom Auto Excerpt – Version 1.0.0 Released 2

Finally after 4 month of development and testing, we’re pleased to announce the update of our easy custom auto excerpt plugin. With the new version you will be able to show image on the excerpt. And also the excerpt now doesn’t break on word, so your blog will look nicer Here the update list : ...

Skins! for Fluid Responsive Slideshow 3

On the latest release Fluid Responsive Slideshow is now providing 4 skins to choose : default, elegant, minimalist and modern . The skin setting can be set from the option menu. read more

Easy Custom Auto Excerpt 43

Description Easy Custom Auto Excerpt is wordpress plugin to cut/excerpt your post displayed on the home , search or archive pages. By using this plugin you don’t need to excpert your post manualy, just active the plugin, configure the word lenght and you’re good to go read more

Insert shortcode into your wordpress theme

WordPress Shortcode Shortcode enable wordpress plugin developer to create special content (form,gallery,slideshow, etc) that users can easly attach to certain page/post. A sample shortcode [shortcode_name shortcode_parameter] 1 [shortcode_name shortcode_parameter] Mostly shortcode was inserted into post/page. But  actually  we can alsoread more

Starting browser (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome) from batch/bash script 2

Last week i got a project to develop a small HTML5 web pages as that behave like a powerpoint slide. This web application is going to act like a flash replacement. So the user must be able to run this web app with a double click on the file. One way to accomplish that task ...

WordPress Plugin : Fluid Responsive Slideshow Plugin 73

Description Fluid Responsive Slideshow is a wordpress plugin that enable you to put slideshow / image slider easily into post,page, or template.  This plugin is based on a jquery plugin called orbit.js Features Manage your slideshow as you manage your post / page Ordering of Image in a slideshow Multiple slideshow on single page/post Responsive Image ...

Fluid Responsive Slideshow , 10+ slide

Some folk cannot use this plugin with 15+ slide, so we try this : Cheersread more