“100% of customers are people. 100% of employees are people. If you do not understand people, you do not understand business. “
– Simon Sinek –

Simon Sinek’s tweet on Twitter in 2009 is true. Business is not always about the art of pleasing your customers. Business is also an art of how to stick up the employees who work for you. Their efforts give big contribution to your business growth.

This art of business is also interpreted similarly by Uber. As one of big company in online transportation, Uber understands that their driver partner is the pillar of the company. They bring company’s spirit and give maximum service for the customers.

Therefore, their performance deserve its own appreciation. So, Uber initiated an internal program called Uber Driver Loyalty to appreciate its drivers and maintain partner driver loyalty to Uber. Tonjoo was joined by Uber because of its capability to make this project happen.

With this Uber Driver Loyalty program, Uber driver partners will get coupons that can be redeemed at some Uber’s chosen vendors such as gas stations, travel agencies, online stores, marketplaces and many more. To get the coupons, the drivers can redeem the points they get from customers’ orders

This system may look simple but quite complicated. It requires deep system analysis and customization with Uber’s business methods. Moreover, vouchers can be used repeatedly according to the total points collected by driver partners. There is a particular algorithm needed to run this program.

In addition, Tonjoo also perform maintenance on the Uber’s web application server. Server maintenance is done to avoid bugs that may arise and keep an agile mobile app. A routine system maintenance is required to keep away the system down anytime. If this happens, of course it may disappoint the driver partners and Uber customers Maintenance server is also very important to maintain important data from consumers and driver partners.

Tonjoo’s capabilities and experience are proven in Uber’s internal project development. A rather complicated system is not a problem for Tonjoo. Tonjoo has helped Uber to understand its driver partners by realizing the Uber Loyalty Program. Uber also managed to maintain the loyalty of its driver partners, understand them, understand the business, and grow even more.



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