Aqua Golden Mississippi, or usually known as Aqua, is very familiar in most of Indonesian people’s daily life. Its banners, billboard, and other advertising products are easily found in printed and electronic media. Under those circumstances, why does Aqua still need a company website?

It is a simple answer. A company website provides more benefits than advertising, brochures, and other advertising media. To maximize it, Tonjoo not only develops a website that will provide today and future benefits as well.

1. Creating brand / image for consumers

Having a company website means increasing your company’s visibility for consumers. Therefore, an interesting interface will play a vital role. Yet, don’t forget the beauty inside the technology. Tonjoo polishes the technology behind the website by changing the draft into an interactive website that carry a strong Aqua character.

In that way, Aqua will make their customers to always remember and realize them. It is an art of creating a loyal customers by make them remember that Aqua will supply their mineral water needs.

2. Provide latest information to customers

A large company like Aqua certainly has a lot of activities such as corporate activities or humanity activities. In some activities, Aqua also invites its customers to participate. What would happen if Aqua had to make a brochure to inform all of its activities? It is certainly requires a long process.

Updating the content of the website is the most suitable solution. In addition, Tonjoo also provides features that allow Aqua to put a banner on the website within a certain time or put a banner to always be on top of the web page.

In addition to information on the activities, information about the company such as vacancies, awards received, and how to to visit every Aqua factories can also be found on his website. Tonjoo makes it easy for Aqua to organize all the information needed by public in its website.

3. Expand the target market

This advantage can not be obtained simply by distributing brochures or advertising. With brochures and advertisements, Aqua will only get local customers. While, a good website will be able to attract consumers who come from out of town, outside the island, even abroad customers.

Realizing that Aqua is growing greater and gaining global market, multilingual feature is also added with Tonjoo. That way, global visitors can explore the contents of this website company more easily.

Interestingly, modern design and the comprehensive features, developed using Aksara, a laravel framework that has been modified by Tonjoo. So, Aksara can provide maximum function and many advantages.

Aksara is easier to use and navigate by the general users because of its user experience has been simplified through various researches. In addition, Aksara is complemented with technical documents to make further development so much easier, even if it is not developed by the Tonjoo team anymore. Aksara is also very suitable applied to projects with strict deadline because it already has a strong basic module. This basic module is also claimed to reduce the possibility of a bug through a number of tests conducted by Tonjoo internal team.

Interested in creating a company website that brings many advantages such as Aqua’s website? Or try the Laravel framework in a more user-friendly script and minimize bugs? Everything you can get by entrusting your website Tonjoo’s hands.


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