Communication is what makes a team strong. We are absolutely certain in this short statement. No matter which business you are in, communication is the crucial key to unifying your team and increasing company’s productivity. There is no shortcut to improve the quality of internal communication quickly. Yet, an android based company portal application can be a long-term solution to crack this communication problem. So let Tonjoo introduce you to Bulletin, an android based company portal app that can be used as an information portal for employees.

The android based company portal app certainly gives many benefits. First, users can read and discuss the latest news about the company wherever and whenever. We also insert an interactive feature in Bulletin that allow employees to respond with comment and give “like”.

Secondly, we added a push notification feature in this company portal app. This feature will allow smartphone notifications if there is an important information sent by top management. This feature will also improve the quality of two-level communication between upper management and employees.

Third, users can do their own profile personalization. Users can customize their profile photos and profile names.

In addition, there are many other features that we put to make the employee information portal app more interesting. Some other features are birthday reminders, blogs that can be responded with comments, document sharing, photo gallery, polling polls to absorb employee aspirations. With these unique features, Bulletins can be a great choice to improve quality communications within the company. Bulletins can also be a silver bullet to reinforce relationships among employees and create a smarter, happier, and more comfortable workplace.

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