Most people assume that health topic is not amusing. In fact, health knowledge is very vital to improve the quality of public health in developing countries such as Indonesia. HelloSehat with Tonjoo then took a step forward to change that mindset.

HelloSehat is a startup from Indonesia engaged in health by providing reliable health information for everyone. Supported by qualified doctors with experience in the field, HelloSehat is on mission to promote health in developing countries for a healthier and better life. HelloSehat also enable the users to do online medical consultation via website and mobile application.

Tonjoo as developers wordpress indonesia became HelloSehat’s partner in developing the website as well as their mobile application startup. Websites are designed as informative as possible and easy to navigate to provide credible health articles to the users. Tonjoo believes that health information can be presented attractively, entertaining, and easily consumed by everyone.

In addition, Tonjoo also created a mobile application startup for HelloSehat. By downloading this app, users can access the up-to-the-minute health info through their smartphone swiftly and effortlessly. Online medical consultation also can accessed via this mobile application.

Tonjoo and HelloSehat partnerships do not stop at website development as well as startup apps. Tonjoo also provides full extended teams for HelloSehat so that HelloSehat can always enhance websites and their startup apps without worrying about technological matters.



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