Unknown, unloved.
The old saying above may be a suitable term used to describe the main function of a company profile website. Yup. A company website will help customers to get to know your company closer and improve your chance to make them love your products. Not only replacing the role of physical ads such as brochures and billboards, a website is also able to accommodate various beneficial functions. With a bunch of advantages offered by a company website, Dekona is now ready to get involved in the competition with its company website.

Dekona is a construction company located in Yogyakarta. The experience of the founders in building design and construction, prestigious awards, and remarkable projects’ portfolio make Dekona can not be underestimated. With its myriad of quality, Dekona is sure to introduce themselves and get the broader market through its company profile website. Fortunately, Tonjoo was being a selected IT consultant who is trusted to develop Dekona website.
The main task of this website is to increase Dekona visibility for its customer, especially the internet users. To perform it with maximum power, its user interface takes a crucial role. Therefore, Tonjoo created a website’s interface that bring the spirit of modern, stylish, dynamic, and reflect the character of a construction company.
Secondly, Tonjoo makes this website as an online catalog. It means that potential customers can see Dekona’s portfolio anytime and anywhere. Dekona also can take an advantage to post offering deals much more easier without having to print much brochures. Everything can be done only through a website.
Finally, this website should be able to stand in front of the gate as Dekona’s main weapon in digital marketing. With this website, Dekona is not only being able to get local customers. Dekona may get various customers from other cities, outside the island, or global customers.

Together with Tonjoo, Dekona has taken the right step by using the company website to introduce themselves and make customers love it more.


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