Indonesia Government is intensively supporting the creative industry players to grow greater. As well as contributing to the national income, this sector has engaged a lot of labor force. This achievement positively cannot be separated from the symbiotic mutualism between the creative industry and digital communication. Digital communications helps introducing and marketing creative industry products to a wider market. Based on these considerations, the government then needs a government website that can stimulate the activities of creative industry entrepreneurs.

Hand in hand with Tonjoo, the government then realizes as a creative industry website that can be a place for the activists. This WordPress-based website will help accommodating the creative industry activists in Indonesia and introducing them to the wider community.

Oriented to market interests that is dominated by young people, we then designed this art website with an attractive and modern look. The interface that fits with market’s desire will help get a lot of visitors. Visitors will also be more pleased to explore the entire contents of this creative industry website.

The entire contents of the creative industry website is divided into 5 parts. In the news section, you will find the latest news about creative industry in Indonesia. The creative industry entrepreneurs listed on this site are also welcome to post about the creative industries they are working on. Furthermore, in the event section, you will find events organized by creative industry entrepreneurs. You can also find various communities, individuals, companies, and institutions joined in the creative industry in the directory. In addition, you can also see examples of creative industry products in the showcase section. Finally, you will get information about government programs to boost the creative industry in the program section.


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