For those who are in the process of self-discovery to determine the right professional career, Good
& Co platform is the best choice for online aptitude test. Motivated from the massive social problems resulting from career misfit, Good & Co has a mission to create a more productive and fun work environment. For that reason, Good & Co helps job seekers and employees find their
persona, consider company fit, and give them the tools and resources needed to
find comfort in the workplace with aptitude test. Therefore, the positive impact is not only sensed by the employees but also on the productivity of the company.

This achievement makes Good & Co labeled as “job seeker lovechild” from e-Harmony and LinkedIn. Good & Co’s PPA (Proprietary Psychometry Algorithm) has over 20 years of capability in career psychometry and psychological analysis to help users find the right professional career with online aptitude test.

Tonjoo itself has a vital role indeveloping this special aptitude test startup. Tonjoo is trusted to design a website with a super cool interface and also communicative for users. The website should also be easy to navigate to ensure potential users get the maximum benefits from online aptitude test. Additionally, Tonjoo is challenged to build a website that can apply appropriate psychometric

Good & Co itself is located in Sillicon Valley, San Francisco, United States. To help run this project, Tonjoo provides full extended team that work together with Good & Co team. This evidences if Tonjoo is able to handle projects that come from global clients without having any difficulties.


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