Health is an asset that can’t be quantified in materialistic terms. Yet, for the general public in Indonesia and ASEAN, there are major barriers to obtaining accurate and dependable health information. This becomes the basis for the creation of a health information website by Hello Health Group (HHG).

Hello Health Group chose to work with Tonjoo to build a health website that can be accessed by people in various ASEAN countries and Hong Kong in their respective local languages. This website does not just present information but also provides an in-depth and professional understanding of health. The website for HHG in Indonesia is named Hello Sehat.

Hello Health Group aims to become a trusted source of health information with articles ranging from health tips, healthy lifestyles, to information on diseases and medications. Using WordPress as our Content Management System (CMS) platform, we managed to rapidly expand into 8 countries within 3 years, achieving excellent traffic that continues to increase.

HHG’s content strategy is to provide detailed and professional articles. All information on the website has been validated by medical experts in their respective specializations. Therefore, many visitors are satisfied and keep coming back for accurate health information.

Beyond just articles, one of the notable features of Hello Health is its suite of online health assessment tools. These tools have been designed by the professional medical team at HHG, and they include:

  • BMI Calculator
  • Calorie Needs
  • Child Growth Chart
  • Skin Condition Screening
  • Diabetes Mellitus Management Screening
  • Asthma Symptom Test
  • and 20 other tools


Currently, HHG hosts websites in 8 languages with millions of page views each month. Despite the high traffic, the monthly operating cost of the HHG website remains efficient. This is largely due to Tonjoo’s role in the site’s development.

In order to continue expanding and growing, HHG encountered several challenges. The most pressing ones were server-service financing and code scalability.

Before partnering with Tonjoo, HHG opted for WordPress SAAS services to foster swift growth without the need for intricate technicalities. However, as the traffic escalated, the costs became unsustainable. The SAAS service model, which based its charges on the number of monthly page views, led to expenses ramping up. Tonjoo offered a solution by redesigning the HHG architecture using an IAAS platform, reducing server costs by more than 50%.

In addition to handling the server, our team also innovated to address the issue of non-standard WordPress code. During this project, Tonjoo optimized the code on the HHG website to enhance its scalability. Thanks to the implementation of this scalable code, website access speeds have improved. Additionally, modification for future development will not slow down as there is no need to add numerous lines of code.

With coding as the core competency of the Tonjoo team, we have accomplished several key tasks, which include:

  • Replacing slow plugins with custom WordPress code
  • Optimizing SQL queries within WordPress
  • Implementing a caching system


Initially, HHG used plugins to develop its tools. However, due to the limitations of these plugins, this approach became counterproductive. Custom development was needed to create tools that fulfil 100% of HHG’s specific needs. Our role in translating the formulas provided by medical experts into native WordPress code succeed in creating user-friendly tools. With the reduction in plugin dependencies, the website loading speed significantly improved.

Still about speed, Tonjoo uses a multilevel cache mechanism using page level cache and transient cache. These optimizations help to display frequently opened pages quickly when accessed again. So that the website can maximize the number of visitors.

We also modified the core website to make it multilingual-ready. This is very important given that HHG has websites across numerous countries, each delivering information in their respective local languages. In fact, one region might require more than one language – for instance, English and a local language.

This partnership proves Tonjoo is capable to help startups to continue to grow and expand. HHG website is proof that we are able to build a website with complex features, high update frequency, and high visitor count while still prioritizing website access speed, server stability, and quality code that is easy to modify.

We believe that through hard work, intense research, and dedicated support, we can continue to provide innovative digital solutions for business owners, state agencies, and startups.



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