As a new province, North Kalimantan or commonly abbreviated as Kaltara, definitely requires an official site as a media of information that can be accessed by wider community. This website is also designed for giving both the latest news in Kaltara and information for people about the function of the existing section in the communication and informatics department of Kaltara. Under those circumstances, the provincial government of North Kalimantan in particular the Communications and Informatics Department then begin partnership with Tonjoo to build a corporate government website that can perform these tasks.

In completing this project, Tonjoo resolves the main challenge of developing a corporate government website that is in line with the Good Corporate Governance but still has a modern UI / UX that makes it appealing and easy for visitors to get the desired information. Tonjoo also commended to determine the whole aspects for the websites. Accordingly, Tonjoo undertook in-depth and detailed research before arranging a strategic and appropriate plan in Kaltara website development.

Tonjoo also provides guidance and training for the communication and informatics department of Kaltara about how to provide enjoyable contents and media to be uploaded to the corporate government website. An email server is also built so that the email is not a free email.

Tonjoo and Kaltara partnership proved that Tonjoo can still do an innovation in developing a website with a modern touch but still follow the standard of corporate government website rules as regulated by the government. Tonjoo is also able to draft the website from scratch until conduct training for government employees of Kaltara. Comprehensive analysis plus competent and skillful teams help Tonjoo to get over the challenge.



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