“Your ability to shape your future depends on how well you communicate where you want to be when you get there. When ideas are communicated effectively, people follow and change.” –Nancy Duarte-

This short quotation from Nancy Duarte may illustrate the partnership of Kolase.com and Tonjoo perfectly. Starting by the end of 2017, Kolase with Tonjoo is dedicated to develop a leap forward idea in crowdfunding that will give many benefits for artists, especially musicians.

Kolaborasi Seni or commonly known as Kolase is an innovator of crowdfunding website for the musicians in Indonesia. Kolase will help musicians and event organizers to get their first funding from fans.

Like the quote above, an innovative idea also needs to be supported by effective communication. Motivated by the experience and innovation that Tonjoo has, Kolase took us as their partner without hesitation. This project, which then transformed into kolase.com, challenges us to design a media that is not only communicative but also right solution for a pioneering crowdfunding business in Indonesia.

Based on those needs, we believe an impressive website interface is the secret spell to make the visitors overwhelmed. Moreover, the target market of this crowdfunding project is dominated by urban youth. Attractive and easy-to-access UI / UX interface will always be memorable in their mind.

That is all? Nope. As a devoted companion in bringing our partner’s ideas into reality, we also stand as an IT consultant for Kolase. We take a crucial role in the process of planning a crowdfunding business until designing an information system that can give long lasting support to this business. We also take care of the maintenance problems to server management.

The most interesting thing we do in this project is the development of MVP or Minimum Viable Product. MVP is a minimal specification owned by an application but still can give maximum satisfaction for its users. Implementation of MVP in a crowdfunding website includes integration with payment gateway that will ease the funding process. In addition, we will also develop this idea in a mobile application so users will monitor and give fund effortlessly.

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