In this digital era, people tend to use the internet to get information about whatever they need. Information ranging from restaurants, job search, and big deal transactions can all be done via the internet. If you do not immediately put your services or products on the internet and participate in the digital market, you will certainly have a big loss. As a solution, a website may become a silver bullet to reach the potential buyers in digital market.

Marvel Indonesia or commonly known as Marvelindo certainly do not want to miss this great opportunity. Immediately, this top-notch event organizer in Yogyakarta took Tonjoo’s hands to design its main weapon in the form of a company website. Company website is often underestimated. In fact, the company website plays an important role to create the first impression that memorable in people’s mind.

To create a company website that can not be underestimated, Tonjoo armed Marvelindo website to be able to run crucial aspects.

First, this Marvelindo website should have an eye-catching look. In this way, the website should work well to be a “face” for the company. To attract attention does not mean Marvelindo website has a striking design. The simple yet elegant design is more suitable for representing the characters from an event organizer like Marvelindo.

Second, the website can function as an online showcase and provide benefits for visitors and Marvelindo. With this showcase, Marvelindo can display all the events that have been successfully held, achievements, current news, or various interesting offers that they prepare for potential customers effortlessly. Consumers are also easy to dig a lot of info about Marvelindo by accessing the website.

Finally, the website should be an effective digital promotion tool. As mentioned above, the website should be able to get more potential customers in the digital market. By getting more customers, this website will help Marvelindo grow bigger and greater each day.

Tonjoo not only helps Marvelindo gain a wider market but also build a solid foundation for the development of Marvelindo’s business in this digital age.


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