Internet has made the flow of information in the digital age unstoppable. An event in one place can be known by people in other parts of the world in only a very short time. Unfortunately, not all information consumed by the public is credible. There are some people that make hoax or false news for their own gain.

This is also the concern of Department of Communication and Information (Diskominfo) Magelang District. War against hoax (false news) was declared. For that reason, printed media is certainly not enough to cover the speed of information on the internet. Diskominfo needs a news portal website as an informative news source, especially about the events happened in Magelang District.

With Tonjoo’s help, the news portal website as Diskominfo Magelang need is not a big problem. This news portal is realized on

Overall, this website is not designed to accommodate various things with various features. However, this website have all of the crucial aspects that must be owned by a news portal.

First, this website is designed to be responsive. Have you seen the look of a very attractive website on the desktop but the interface is immediately messed up when it is opened via a smartphone? That’s the disadvantage of a news portal website that is not designed responsively. A news portal website should be able to function optimally even if opened via a smartphone or tablet that have different resolution to a website. Moreover, there are more smartphone users in this world.

Second, tthis website has an attractive home page interface. In addition to the contents, the pictures are one of the attraction points for visitors to browse further. The front page of this website is already polished with images presented in the form of sliders. Other important sections such as news category, top news, and other important news columns are arranged in best positions that are easily accessible to the eyes of the visitor in one sitting.

Third, the website also provides an opportunity for visitors to write their own news or factual events happening around them. That way, the citizens of Magelang district were invited to be have an eye to every incident that occurred near them and being active to involved in this war against hoax.

Want to go to war against hoax by creating news portal website like Or you have other innovative ideas that can be realized in the form of websites? You should have Tonjoo as your IT consultant.


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