Today, ecommerce is the suitable choice for the entrepreneurs. Not only cutting operational costs in trading activities, ecommerce also provides other benefits. One of the interesting advantages offered by ecommerce is the expansion of the market. Ecommerce allows companies to get new customers from local and foreign market. Motivated by the various advantages given by ecommerce, Kuchoo Kushions then reformed its conventional cushion cover business into an ecommerce business.

Kuchoo Kushions is an ecommerce website from Australia that selling cushion sofa. Kuchoo Kushions specializes in selling comfy cushion covers that have unique, attractive, and modern designs.

Starting from a conventional business, Kuchoo Kushions shifted into an ecommerce business through the ecommerce website development assisted by Tonjoo. Tonjoo arranges a website that can work optimally to attract foreign customers. So, there are three important infrastructure that we concept totally. The first is the flow of good infrastructure which includes the availability of goods to be sold. Second is flow of money infrastructure that will ease the costumers in the payment process. Third is flow of information infrastructures that helps consumers get important information related to the process of buying and selling as well as other customer services.

In order to apply flow of good infrastructure, we design an attractive and easy to navigate interface. In addition, Tonjoo also provides the eye-catching visualization of the cushion covers so that the customers are interested to place an order.

We also plan the order until payment process as interactive as possible to support flow of money infrastructure. Payment gateway is added so that customers can pay by credit card.

As a final point, flow of information infrastructure makes an ecommerce website not only used as a medium for viewing catalogues, but also ordering the products. Therefore, Tonjoo also functioning the website owned by Kuchoo Kushions as a media information related services provided by the company. On this website, Tonjoo also pinned a care instruction to provide additional useful information regarding to the product.


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