Besides rebuilding the official website of PT. Taman Wisata Temple at, Tonjoo also contributes in developing sub website at was created to be a content warehouse designed at providing business to business products. So, any media content can be reused for the business interests of both internal and external parties.

Under these circumstances, Tonjoo designs the sub-website of with a simple interface that is easily accessible by anyone who needs media content related to the tour of the 3 temples. Any content available in this content warehouse can also be tagged as needed. Tonjoo adds the tag system for the sake of accessibility to find the desired content. Not stopping being there, Tonjoo also categorizes the contents so that the visitors can find the required media with a more specific category.

In addition, Tonjoo also added a detailed description of the uploaded content. Descriptions related to size, dimensions, shooting techniques, and other details will make it easier for external parties to get the appropriate media content for later reprocessing.

Creating a content warehouse for PT. Taman Wisata Temple affirms that Tonjoo is capable of developing a travel website that is integrated entirely into its content warehouse with various media that can be accessed by anyone.


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