Add Social Media Button to WordPress

social media button to wordpress

We can add social media button to WordPress with a plugin. There are various types of plugins that we can use for different purposes. When we locate the best, we often include wearing a plugin.

It just does not want to call for another look. There are numerous plugins that provide a comprehensive feature set, are simple to use, and can meet the needs of a broader audience.

10 Best Social Media Button Plugins for WordPress

1. Easy Social Share Button for WordPress

Easy Social Share Button for WordPress is a social sharing plugin that offers ideal adaptability and allows you to share to 45 social media sites. It has 52 template social media sites of various designs and exhibits, which can be its own customization.

According to estimates, the plugin Easy Social Share Button is already used by over 60000 websites. If you want to try it, you can download it here.

add social media button to wordpress


Features of Easy Social Sharing Plugin

  • 52+ Templates
  • 25+ Animations
  • Different Button Styles and Widths
  • Template Customizer
  • Multiple counter styles
  • Social proof share counters

2. WP Social Sharing

WP Social Sharing adds very attractively responsive social share buttons on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, and Google+ to WordPress posts, pages, media, or any custom post type.

WP Social Sharing is a free, lightweight plugin that lets you append custom CSS and JavaScript. It’s not just a simple and easy-to-use plugin but also boasts 100% responsive social sharing buttons.


add social media button to wordpress


Features of WP Social Sharing:

  • 100% responsive
  • Add text before the share buttons.
  • Auto display to post, page, media, and custom post type
  • Social sharing support for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, and Pinterest
  • Custom social button text
  • Reorder social icon order easily
  • Provide short code, can integrate with any theme easily.
  • No Image button was created using CSS3. This plugin used one image to display social icons for a device width of less than 480px.

3. Social Media Button: Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar plugin can show the button to share social media wherever, like in the post, on the pages of your website, with the display options in the top content, below content, a content of the right and left with the look of floating.


add social media button to wordpress


add social media button to wordpress

Features of Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar:

  • Options for setting the position of social buttons (Left/Right)
  • Options for adding to a background color of buttons
  • Option for auto close sidebar buttons on page load
  • Option for defining share buttons position (Above content/Below content)
  • Show/Hide options for any buttons
  • Options for setting the position of the Floating Sidebar (Left/Right/Bottom)
  • Option for defining the interest share image
  • Option for an edit to message (“Show Buttons,” “Hide Buttons,”…etc.)
  • Option for hiding the “Share This!!” button on the page or post
  • Options for managing the style of the plugin
  • Options for adding to the custom image of any button
  • Share buttons for every post or page
  • Floating Sidebar
  • Option for a disabling sidebar for mobile

4. Social Media Button: Social Warfare

Social Warfare helps you customize how your content is shared and get more out of every single share on your website.

You can also select where you want the buttons to show up, such as above the post content, below the post content, both above and below the post content, and none or manual placement.
add social media button to wordpressFeatures of Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar:

  • Attractive
  • Lightning Fast
  • Customizable
  • Pinterest Images
  • Custom Tweets
  • Sharable quotes
  • Twitter Card
  • Social Proof
  • Responsive
  • Content Protection

5. Mash Share

Mash share is the best possible social sharing optimization of your website. This plugin has social media share button very complete, and then you need an easy-to-setup eye-catching “Share it” button that will make visitors want to fan out your excellent content.

add social media button to wordpress

Features of Mash Share Plugin:

  • Show the total social media share count at a glance
  • Developer friendly with several filters and actions
  • Highly customizable
  • Object and transient caches to provide incredibly fast execution speed of social media icons

6. Sumo Me Share

The Sumo Me Share plugin will make it comfortable for your readers to join your email list, share your articles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and optimize with analytics.

add social media button to wordpress


Features of Sumo Me Share:

  • 100% mobile optimized.
  • Total control over which growth features enable
  • Free and Easy integration with any WordPress theme
  • Custom email subscription popover timing
  • Simply delete any tweet highlights you don’t want
  • Full HTML control of popover content
  • Customize templates to make your email popup look amazing
  • Asynchronous loading that won’t affect page load speed

7. Simple Share Buttons Adder Plugin

Simple Share Buttons allow your visitors to share your content with ease, and you, as a provider, can extend the service worry-free.

With Simple Share Buttons, you can pick an image set that goes best with your designs, and if that’s not good enough, you can use your own!

add social media button to wordpress


Features of Simple Share Button:

  • Responsive
  • Customize
  • URL Shortened
  • Share Tags
  • Click Tracking
  • Short Codes

8. Monarch

Monarch lets you select from over 30 social profiles and networks. Just supply your profile URLs, and Monarch will display the network icons and even dynamically pull your existing follow counts if desired.


Features of Monarch Social Sharing:

  • Build & Display Your Social Following
  • Clean Customize design
  • Elegantly Responsive
  • Lightning Fast

9. Shareaholic for WordPress

Increase page views, engagement, and time on site with the Shareaholic plugin. Make it 1-click easy for your visitors to share your content with their friends with Shareaholic award-winning Share Buttons. This is the ultimate social media widget for your website.


Features of Shareaholic plugin:

  • 100% Customize
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Built for Scaled
  • Generate Revenue
  • Fast & Secure

10. Add To Any Share Buttons

All social buttons are working more benefits and save time to get attached. Add to Any Share Buttons is a plugin that helps people to share your posts and pages for services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and over 100 more sharing sites and social media.


Features of Add to Any Share Buttons

  • Share Anywhere
  • Mobile and Responsive
  • Perfect Icon
  • Built for Good
  • Google Analytics Integrated
  • No Account Necessary
  • Share Counters
  • Floating Share Bars
  • Plugins That Delight
  • Highly Customizable


This concludes the list of plugins to add social media button to WordPress website.

Implementing these tools will not only enhance the functionality of your site but also encourage greater interaction and sharing across social platforms.

Remember to choose a plugin that aligns with your site’s design and performance needs. You can also learn Gutenberg WordPress to create a homepage using Gutenberg WordPress.

If you need further guidance or customization, consider reaching out to a professional web developer such as Tonjoo team to ensure seamless integration and optimization of these features.

You can send message to them through Contact Us page or leaving a comment bellow.

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