How to Choose a Good Domain and Hosting


Selection of a domain name and hosting are essential and need to be considered for you if you want to make a website. Domain name for its website as it represents the identity and purpose or representations made to any website. While hosting for a website is like a house that is ready to accommodate all kinds of furniture that required homeowners.

Naming Selection Criteria domains include:

  • Try to avoid domain names that have strange characters (hyphen, numbers, symbols, etc)
  • Short / not too long and clear
  • Easy to remember
  • The domain name corresponding about the content of the website created

Domain selection as mentioned earlier already make your website name be good. In addition to the above you will also need to select a popular extension like this: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .biz for local websites can use extensions such as IDs,



Furthermore, how to choose a good hosting for your website:

Hosting serves to store the files needed website. Before buying hosting you need to know these things;

– Hosting Provider reliable

– Type Hosting as needed website

– Specifications server

– Support

– Prices


Here’s the explanation for you,

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Reliable Hosting Provider, select the one hosting provider that has proven its excellent performance, find her review in advance whether there are the clients of his that many respond with positive or negative response.

Type Hosting as needed website, hosting has some type is shared hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. The fundamental difference is a computer server used by the user (customer). Share Hosting is like a house that used a crowd together inside, Virtual private server is like a rented house that has its own entrance which is connected directly to the home page, Dedicated server is like a house that is used alone, free like you do with the house.




Specifications Server, it also must adjust to the needs of your website, for example if you create a website online store, you need a web host can accommodate the files such as photos online store product lots. Sendangkan if you just create a website of information about your company, you do not need to look for a great server specifications.

Support, look for a hosting provider that has the support of fast respone and help you provide a detailed explanation. The trick before buying try to ask for the support of your web needs, usually support will provide the appropriate hosting option.

Price, hosting providers usually price paketannya the more expensive the better, and have a high spec, but look for the price that fits the needs of your website. Of course, by comparing some of the prices offered by each hosting provider. Choose which if the price is cheap and nice.

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