How to Recover Lost WordPress Password on Localhost

Lost WordPress Password

For those who lost WordPress password or forgot it while developing your website on localhost, you don’t necessarily have to use ‘forgot password’ feature to get a password update.

Since localhost is not connected to the online server network, sending a password reset to an email address via the ‘forgot password’ feature won’t work. Even if you check the email you used, you won’t find the password reset email.

Instead, you can reset your WordPress password via localhost’s phpMyAdmin. To resolve this issue, follow the steps below to reset your WordPress password properly.

How to Reset a Lost WordPress Password on Localhost

The best part about resetting your WordPress password on localhost is that you don’t need an internet connection. So, let’s dive into the steps to reset your WordPress password on localhost!

  1. Type the address localhost/phpmyadmin/ into your browser to access the phpMyAdmin page.Lost WordPress Password
  2. By default, the Username that appears in the field is “root”. You don’t need to change it and you don’t need to enter a password. Just click Log in.
  3. In the Databases menu on the left side, select the database from WordPress localhost that you want to change the password for.How to Reset a Lost WordPress Password on Localhost
  4. In the search box Containing the word, enter the word user to find the user data table that contains the login data.How to Reset a Lost WordPress Password on Localhost
  5. In the table that appears, click wp_users.
  6. Next, click Edit to enter the account settings.How to Reset a Lost WordPress Password on Localhost
  7. In the user_pass section, select the MD5 menu > then in the password box, change your password as needed. In this example, we use the password ganti12345. This simple password is fine if used on localhost. However, when in production, we recommend using a more complex password with a combination of numbers, letters and symbols.How to Reset a Lost WordPress Password on Localhost
  8. If you have changed the password, please scroll down and click Go.
    How to Reset a Lost WordPress Password on Localhost
  9. Wait a few moments, and you’re done, you’ve successfully solved forgotten WordPress password on localhost.

Then, you will return to the previous page. You may wonder why the user_pass field contains a different password than the one you changed earlier. This is because the password you changed has been encrypted.

How to Reset a Lost WordPress Password on Localhost

So, to re-login, you can simply use the password you set earlier, in our case, we use the password “ganti12345” instead of using the encrypted password.

Test your WordPress Password on Localhost

To check if you’ve successfully changed your WordPress password via phpMyAdmin, take the following steps:

  1. Visit your localhost wp-login WordPress page > enter the password you changed earlier. Then click Login. Make sure the username is correct.
    Lupa Password WordPress
  2. That’s it, you’ve successfully logged in to your WordPress localhost.
    Lupa Password WordPress

That’s the end of our tutorial on how to reset lost WordPress password on localhost via phpMyAdmin. You can now continue developing your website with ease on your localhost.

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