Amily Hijab, a brand of Muslim women’s clothing suppliers, realizes that their potential market is now in the online realm. Focusing on the online market, Amily Hijab needs an online platform that not only selling their products but also presenting their branding concept. Fortunately, Amily Hijab hand over this task to Tonjoo. Responding to the trust given, Tonjoo presents an ecommerce website that wraps up three tasks at once.

First, the ecommerce website must be able to carry out its main task as an online store. That way, Amily Hijab’s consumers can always visit and shop without depending on open and close hour. Tonjoo also builds in various features to ease the customers in online shopping such as automatic shipping rates and payment confirmation form.

Supporting its function as an online store, Amily Hijab’s website are just like conventional stores that need special touch up to show up its unique character. In that case, Tonjoo also designs an exclusive website interface and cut out for Amily Hijab’s character as a brand of Muslim women’s clothing. In addition to its attractive design, responsive design is a must. A responsive design enables optimal viewing experience across myriad devices.

Second, ecommerce websites can also be used to manage resellers with customizable levels. Along with the growth of an online store, resellers can be a boomerang if they are not managed well. This website helps Amily Hijab to accommodate reseller registration. After that, the system automatically classifies resellers into several status according to the rules applied by Amily Hijab. With Tonjoo’s help, giving special discount programs for each level of reseller can be done effortlessly. Not to forget, it is also easier to determine the target discount for resellers in any products.

Third, Amily Hijab’s ecommerce website should delight its customers. With this in mind, customer service is the main target. Integration with allows live chat feature in Amily Hijab website. Amily Hijab’s team can give fast respond to the customers. In addition, customers will also get a reminder email of pending order if there is an unfinished order. This pending order reminder feature can be set based on a certain time. Not to forget, the feature of payment confirmation, refund, postage calculation, and receipt checking also complement all the goodness on the Amily Hijab website.

In targeting the potential online market, Amily Hijab is already ahead. Assisted by Tonjoo, 3 in 1 ecommerce website has been realized to support Amily Hijab’s growth. Now, it’s your turn. Call Tonjoo now.


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