3 Best Free WordPress Starter Themes

3 Best Free WordPress Starter Themes

Free WordPress Starter Themes – Are you thinking about how to create a WordPress theme? If you want to make your very own WordPress theme, but don’t want to start it from scratch, then you can use a starter theme.

Starter theme provides easy to start and easy to use skeleton for WordPress theme development. There are many WordPress starter themes, from free to paid, but not all are easy to use, especially for beginners.

The Best Free WordPress Starter Themes

The following three starter themes is a free, easy to use and the best in my opinion. Check it out!

1. Bones

Built around the latest in Web Standards, Bones is a rock solid foundation to start any WordPress project. It is as bare, responsive and minimalistic as possible.

It’s meant to be used on a per-project basis, this means no Child Themes. It comes with Custom Post Types & Custom Dashboard Functions Preloaded.


  • Custom Post Types & Custom Dashboard Functions Preloaded
  • Mobile-First & Responsive
  • Built upon the HTML5 boilerplate
  • Loaded with SASS/LESS


  • No get_template_part. (Bones doesn’t use the get_template_part pattern, instead loading a lot of functionality into index.php.)

2. Naked WordPress

WordPress is great for designing client sites and blogs, but so many designers don’t have the time to learn the WordPress Codex. It’s huge and confusing.

Naked WordPress is a WordPress starter theme for designers who don’t want to deal with WordPress quirky codes. Its packed with all the basic units for a client site – home page, about page, info page, blog page, etc.

Comments on each and every piece of code also make it easy to follow and understand.


  • Responsive styling
  • Beginer friendly
  • Every single piece of the template files is commented so that you can understand what it does


  • Still need to open WordPress Codex if you want to be able to expertly navigate it.
  • Best for designing, not so good for developing.

3. Roots

Roots is a starter theme that are now very popular and widely used by developers. Not surprisingly, it has a lot of features like Bower and Grunt support, Bootstrap Ready, Theme Wrapper, Clean URLs, etc. And most importantly, it’s free!


  • Modern and Feature packed!
  • Bower, Grunt, Bootstrap, Composer… What else?
  • Best for advance user/developer.


  • Can be overwhelming for beginner.
  • Harder to use and learn than other starter themes.

Ready to Try Those Free WordPress Starter Themes?

Which one of the free WordPress starter themes above that you think stands out? In developing a WordPress website, you can also collaborate with the Tonjoo Team, specialists in website development with over 10 years of experience.

We have worked with governments, corporations, and startups. Some examples of our work include Borobudurpark, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Futureskills, and Hello Health Group. Contact us to collaborate!

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