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WordPress powers well over a quarter of all CMS-using websites, way more than any other platform on the internet. While it’s great to have such an immense community of users, it also makes the platform a high-yield target for attackers. Usually, WordPress websites are attacked by bots and scraped for purposes like data scraping, spamming, etc., mainly because one identified vulnerability can bring down thousands of websites at once.

But as with everything else, WordPress security is as good as you make it. The platform isn’t exactly unsafe, to begin with, but that does not mean you shouldn’t go the extra mile and beef up your website security as much as possible.

Here are 6 of the best security plugins that you absolutely need to harden security on your WordPress site:

1. BulletProof Security

o Usage Stats: 100K+ Active Installs
o Rating: 4.7/5
o Available at:

BulletProof Security is a freemium plugin model, but the free version itself is powerful.

The plugin secures your website with .htaccess (complete core file security and firewall), logins (brute force attacks), automated logout on idle sessions, cookie expiration, full database backup, prefix options, error logging (HTTP, log in), and other features.

As a bonus, the plugin is optimized for speed. It includes development and maintenance mode features, translation packs, and a one-time purchase pro version that offers even more powerful features, such as Anti-spam, custom php.ini, auto-restore, and more in 16+ mini plugins.

Installing the plugin is simple and extensively documented for easy usage.

2. All in One WP Security & Firewall

o Usage Stats: 300K+ Active Installs
o Rating: 4.8/5
o Available at:

All-in-One WP Security & Firewall is intense but easy to use at the same time.

It is exactly what it claims to be: an all-in-one tool that enforces security best practices in user account logins and registration, database and file systems, .htaccess and core files, and other areas. It features firewall security, IP or username-based blacklisting functionality, WHOLS scanning and spam prevention, content-theft prevention from the front end, and other awesome features. All for the low, low cost of absolutely free.

Additionally, it has been translated into over ten major languages and is one of the most widely used WordPress security plugins in the Repository.

3. Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

o Usage Stats: 100K+ Active Installs
o Rating: 4.9/5
o Available at:

Anti-Malware Security and Brute Force Firewall is a quite efficient plugin that means business.

The plugin scans WordPress websites for malicious code (malware, viruses, backdoor scripts, etc.), along with other known security threats and existing vulnerabilities, brings them to your attention, and then helps you fix them.

It also gives you a firewall, prevents attackers from exploiting plugin vulnerabilities (for example, Revolution Slider), upgrades Tim Thumb scripts to safer versions, and downloads Definition Updates from to keep pace with newer threats.

It’s lightweight and has no frills, and it has a premium version that gives you extra security features for core files and more protection against brute force and DDoS attacks.

4. iThemes Security

o Usage Stats: 700K+ Active Installs
o Rating: 4.7/5
o Available at:

Formerly known (and still slugged as) Better WP Security, iThemes’ security plugin needs no introduction to the community. It’s that awesome.

The plugin helps protect your WordPress website from brute force and other activities with SSL, blacklisting, attack detection on database/core files, and more. It has a powerful scanner and some cool, obscure tricks that you learn about in various tutorials to hide your files and source code from discovery. As a bonus, it has great recovery features and 404 error detection.

The pro version has even more advanced monitoring and security features, but the free one doesn’t fall short either. Also, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it automatically works with other iThemes products, since iThemes is one of the few trusted places to buy WordPress themes and plugins.

5. Wordfence Security

o Usage Stats: 1 million+ Active Installs
o Rating: 4.9/5
o Available at:

This is my favorite security plugin. I recommend it to all my clients.

WordFence Security is an enterprise-grade security solution that takes website security to a new ballpark. It’s a multisite compatible, highly efficient and user friendly plugin which is more than capable of handling botnets and similar attacks, beef up firewall, and more.

It has superb real-time blocking and protection features based on community premises. If another WordFence-protected site is attacked in a certain way, the plugin automatically prevents it from happening on other WordFence sites.

With the free version of this plugin, you get amped up security on login, registration, extensive scanning, monitoring and caching features, multisite security, and so much more. The premium API key is for those who need support and additional features like region-based blocking, specific scheduled scans, TFA, and more.

It is the best plugin ever.

6. Sucuri Security

o Usage Stats: 200K+ Active Installs
o Rating: 4.6/5
o Available at:

Monitoring, detection, and all-around security hardening

Sucuri Security is another first-rate WordPress security plugin. Also, it’s free, like best things in life often are.

The plugin is hardcore – It takes control over site security. It has features like monitoring (activity, file integrity, blacklists), auditing, remote malware scanning, post-attack security and prevention actions, notifications, and an add-on firewall. Its security scanner (SiteCheck) is almost terrifying in its efficiency, and the blacklist monitor pulls data from 10 most noted blacklist engines on the web, namely Sucuri, Google, Norton, AVG, McAfee, and more.

The CloudProxy Website Firewall is a performance optimized premium add-on to this plugin. It prevents and protects from DDoS attacks of most magnitudes, plugin vulnerabilities, brute force attacks.


Make sure to choose the perfect plugin for your WordPress website and set up a routine of security scans to stay safe. Gather information on ways to Harden WordPress Security and keep pace with platform updates.

It’s your digital real-estate. Take a proactive stance with website security.

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